Kayak Lessons

Kayak instructor giving feedback to her students on the water.

Kayak Lessons

Our goal is to help you obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to explore any waterway with confidence and safety in mind. The emphasis is on having fun on the water while developing skills and judgment in understanding your personal abilities and limitations in ever changing environments. To maximize your learning our group classes are always small, typically 3-5 students per class.

Our curriculum is based on the American Canoe Association’s (ACA) lesson plans and all our instructors are ACA certified, affiliated instructors. We strive to customize our lessons to fit your needs and abilities, so that you get the most out of it.

All our kayak lessons include the necessary kayak gear (kayak, paddle, and PFD). Give us a call today at 407-267-9950 to learn more or book a trip!


We are happy to provide you with a kayak (paddle and PFD included) to use during your class free of charge. This is particularly beneficial when you are just starting out and are still trying to figure out which kayak is right for you.

If you already own a kayak it is advisable to learn and get used to your own kayak. However, we may require you to use one of our kayaks if we consider yours to be unsafe or inappropriate for the class.

Astrid Jackson, a certified instructor, giving feedback to her students to improve their kayaking skills. Learn to efficiently self-rescue in open water. Practice self-rescue under the supervision of a certified instructor. Some instructions are provided on dry-land.

What to Bring

  • Dress according to the weather (bring extra layers in cold weather)
  • For any of our rescue classes participants are asked to dress for complete immersion
  • Sun protection (e.g., hats, sunscreen, long sleeves)
  • Drinking Water